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Imagine a world with no live sports.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it?  But we all know - that’s exactly what  2020 ushered in:  A worldwide pandemic. A recession ignited by shutdowns and restrictions on public gatherings. Historic civil unrest over social justice inequities that reverberated throughout the sports world.

In this 2021 SportsTech Landscape Report:

  • We tell the major sports stories of 2020 in the context of Covid-19, economic stress, and social justice issues, and provide a look at what’s coming for the sports industry in 2021.
  • We cover significant 2020 milestones including sporting events, leagues going offline and coming back on, venue health and safety protocols, Black Lives Matter and social protests.
  • You will learn about major tech developments that are playing a role in confronting the pandemic and its effects and read the story of the sports industry’s triumph over trial, grit through ordeal, and hope amid uncertainty. 

But best of all, the report includes primary interviews and insights from some of sports tech top thought leaders from NASCAR, NBC Sports, USA Cycling and more. 

Get the report at the link below. 


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